$3,026 Raised During Affiliate Summit East 2009

Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back held a fundraiser during the Meet Market at Affiliate Summit East 2009.  Dozens of volunteers stepped up to help man the table where we solicited donations and gave away limited-edition Affiliate Summit Breast Cancer Awareness hats and laptop stickers donated by StickerGiant.com.  During this event, $1,526.00 was raised!

JAR Group Logo

On top of that, the JAR Group held a Kill Zombies for Charity fundraiser in their booth on behalf of Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

Well, the Affiliate Summit attendees killed enough zombies and answered enough questions to raise $1,482.00, which the JAR group rounded up to $1,500.00!

I can’t thank everyone enough who helped out with the fundraiser and donated what they could to help fight breast cancer.

Never let it be said that Affiliate Marketers don’t have the biggest hearts!

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