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Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back 2012

This week a group of inspiring affiliate marketers based in Vancouver got together to help their local community through generous donations of clothes, toys, food, books, baby gear and bedding to those in need.

In all, the group of 12 affiliate marketers collected, sorted, counted and donated over 650 items for those living below the poverty line.

“We did this because we wanted to give back to our community while building stronger relationships with each other and the affiliate marketing community. We’d love to see this happen in other cities and help bring a better name to the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.”¬†says group organizer Sarah Bundy. ¬†“It just goes to show that a small group of committed people really can make a difference when they care.”

The team of Vancouver affiliate marketers who gathered for this event included Sarah and Iain Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing, James and Arlene Martell (Affiliates), Leanne and Peter Tremblay (Affiliates), Jaxon Lam (Affiliate Manager of Hootsuite) and Greg White and Ray Wang of All Inclusive Marketing. Those not in the picture who also contributed donations were Silver Anderson (Food Blogger) and Frank and Margarette Ravanelli (All Inclusive Marketing).

The group ordered Affiliate Marketers Give Back t-shirts to have a more unified look that helped give a better name to the industry while also helping in our Breast Cancer fundraising efforts.

We’d love to see more events like this happen throughout our community and thank the Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back team for being the first to lead the way.