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Three More Affiliate Marketers Join the Team – Making us 15.

I got great news today as I checked my email while cooking dinner.  I saw that Debby Banning and Jen Fluker of joined Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide.   That brought us up to 14 walkers.   Incredible.

But what topped that was when I got back to my pc after putting the kids to bed.  To my surprise there was another “You have a new team member” email.  It was Adam Riemer of DowntownEcommerce.   Wow.

So now we’re 15.  Holy cow.  That makes our new Team Goal at a minimum of $33k, since we all contractually have to raise $2,200 per member.

I know that the industry and friends and family will support us to blow past that minimum goal.

Join Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

Come walk with me and team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide in Seattle, during the 60-Mile Breast Cancer 3-day, September 12-14, 2008. Visit to join our walk, or make a donation.

As of now, we have 4 walkers on our team:

Missy Ward (Affiliate Summit) – Captain
Jen Goode (
Tiffany & Irene Spaulding (

**Update** And Now We Are 12!

Since the time of the original post, our team has grown by an additional 8 members. Anne Fognano and Tammy Carney from, Heather Paulson and Jen Campbell from Paulson Management Group, Karen Garcia from GTOManagement, Laura Przybek from and Angel Djambazov from PopShops, Lisa Riolo of Hammock Ventures & Jones Soda, have lent us their feet!

I am so excited to have them join the team!

Visit and click on your favorite walker to make your donation!