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Video Highlights of Team AMGB’s 2009 Walk

If you want to get an idea of what went on during the Affiliate Marketers Give Back Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this year, teammate Kevin Strawbridge put together a great highlight video.

Will you walk with us next year?

The Walk is Over!

60 Miles Walked, 28 Team Blisters, 1 Fractured Foot….

Raising $47,000+ for Breast Cancer Research — Priceless!

The 2008 Breast Cancer 3-day is over and Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide can take a well-deserved break.

Day 2 proved to be the most difficult with hills galore — that should have been avoided.  (Note to Breast Cancer 3-day planners!)

Somewhere around mile 30, I was tweeting my remarks when I stepped off a curb the wrong way.  Little did I know that at that point, I fractured my foot.  

While it hurt like a bitch, I honestly thought it was a simple sprain or muscle pull, so I kept on trucking.

Morning 3, my foot was swollen and painful, so I went to the Medical Tent and had it examined.  Because there is no x-ray equipment on site, the medical attendant couldn’t be positive that it was fractured.  With that in mind, and because I was determined to finish the remaining 20 miles, I asked him to wrap it up and do the best he could to keep me going.

I walked the remaining miles, loaded up on ibuprophen with one goal in mind — to cross the finish line with the rest of my team.

And that’s what I did.   Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide waited for each other at the finish line and together we crossed it — it was joyous.

Below are all of the pictures of the walk.  There are more pictures and videos to come as team members catch up with their lives to get them all posted.

Game On! 

Thank you again for all of your support!


Missy Ward

Walking Technique Demonstration by Laura

Today Laura developed a winning technique for making it down long hills while on our 2nd day of the 3 day breast caner walk in Seattle. I took a video of it… while I was walking, so watch through the bouncing and you’ll see (sorry). She is quite joyful and bouncy herself. It’s a brillant step! Although the video calls it something else, I like to call this the fairy jog.

(watch it a few times and the bouncy camera will pass ~wink)

Angel is the entertained bystander you hear in the background. Missy did a little participation later in the day – I wasn’t able to grab a video of that this time.

Seattle 3 day my first walk 1st day summary

Today was my very first ever experience at a breast cancer walk and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. The amount of joy and happiness and love throughout the entire day made the blisters so worth it! I’ve shared a little insight into my experience here…

I’m not a morning person, but the day started out with so much pure joy, we couldn’t help to be delighted to be awake and surrounded by so many pink covered people. We stopped every few miles for snacks or potty breaks or toe bandaids. We walked and talked with total strangers. Shared many stories with eachother and all in all had a great beginning to this weekend’s journey.

I’m glad I’m here.