AMGB Printed Collateral

I’ve received a few requests for a marketing piece that can be printed and given to the folks that make decisions on causes to sponsor, or to simply hang up in break rooms.

I’m not the best designer, but here it is…

Hope it does the trick!

Affiliate Marketers Give Back Promo Ad
Click to enlarge and print

Additionally, you can dowload the Avon Foundation 2007-2008 Impact Report which details how the raised funds are spent.

6 responses to “AMGB Printed Collateral

  1. Still a great event for a wonderful cause, but why the shorter walk this year?

  2. It’s the only time frame that a bunch of us could get together to do the walk and it allows us all to still make it out to .

  3. Hey, I’d much rather walk for 2 days than 3! Thanks to CJ for cutting it short 🙂 I’m all for a good cause, but I also consider saving my feet a pretty good one!

  4. Quite possibly! I’m working on our schedule for the rest of the year. If we don’t have any other events, I’m there!