Auction: Brian Littleton’s “Official Sweater Vest” from his 2008 Roast

*** Auction is now closed. Winner will be notified shortly! ***

Auction: Brian Littleton’s “Official Sweater Vest” from his 2008 Roast
Donated by: Brian Littleton

This auction is for the legendary sweater vest worn by Brian Littleton, CEO of ShareASale at his Roast during Affiliate Summit West 2008.  Size:  XL.

Brian Littleton in his Sweater Vest during his 2008 Roast

Retail value: Priceless
Starting bid: $50.00

All proceeds will benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

How to place a bid:

The auction will run until 3:00pm EST on Tuesday, May 25th.

To bid on the item, simply enter your name, company name and amount you would like to bid. The winner will be the highest bid entered before the auction deadline. (Please make sure that you use your correct email address when prompted, so that we may contact you if you are the winner).


21 responses to “Auction: Brian Littleton’s “Official Sweater Vest” from his 2008 Roast

  1. Finger cast not included, although I did already receive a $3 bid for it.

    Sweater vest is properly dry cleaned and ready for wearing to any fancy occasion where sweater vests are most appropriate.

  2. $25. Would bid more if not cleaned and still had Brian’s sexy scent on it…

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  4. I sooo want it. But it’s probably too small. Maybe I’ll just bid on it and hang it in a frame in my office.

  5. I was hoping to bid on the sweater vest that Hillary knitted (or was it crocheted?) for Brian!

  6. Missy Ward

    @jimkukral — I’m not sure of the size but I will hunt down Mr. Littleton and find out for you.

  7. if i am the winning bid, i am turning that sweater vest into a sisterhood of the traveling pants thing. be prepared….i’m making a list of people to send to the vest to. you would get the vest for a specified time and then you’d have to send it on to some one else. and you must take a picture of the the vest. smelling the vest would be allowed.

    of course, we are trying to raise money so if i am not the winning bid, i hope the lucky vest recipient will share or at least give me and connie a whiff.

  8. Ok upping my bid to $125 but Brian must put some of his cologne on it.

    • Missy Ward

      I had the pleasure of borrowing a sweater (not sweater vest) from Brian during #AffNapa (which I subsequently destroyed with red wine all over it) and yes, he does wear great cologne. Smelled yummy! Totally worth the extra $25 for him to dab a little on it!

  9. @KimRowley – I could never part with that crocheted sweater vest that Hillary made for me… it’s too nice and is a treasured possession in my house. It’s actually one of the few things hanging in my house. Most things are on the floor.

    @ConnieBerg – i don’t own any cologne, can I borrow @ToddFarmer’s ?

    @LisaP – you’ll be happy to learn that the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” is one of my personal favourite movies. 🙂

    @jimkukral – I believe it is an XL I will check. It would look beautiful in a nice frame though… as it has some kind of embroidery on the front or something.

    Happy bidding!

  10. Missy Ward

    @brianlittleton — then it’s your soap. @connie — make him rub soap all over it instead!

  11. Deal! Soap included!

  12. Carolyn Tang

    Puking just a little in my mouth, but that’s okay. Don’t mind me. 🙂

  13. Missy Ward

    @carolyn — please do not get any of that puke on the sweater vest!

  14. @jimkukral The sweater vest is an Extra Large.

  15. There’s no bids on this? Ok, I’ll go $100.

  16. Missy Ward

    Congratulations Connie! You are the winner of this auction with a bid of $125.

    I will be contacting you shortly via email with information on how you can pay for your item and receive it. Thanks again for participating in the auction and supporting’s efforts to fight breast cancer!

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