Fanatics Affiliate Program Sponsors Charity BCS Championship Squares Game at Affiliate Summit West 2012 #ASW12

Play Fanatics BCS Football Squares and Support Breast Cancer Research

For just $25 per square you can win a share of $500 in prizes and fight Breast Cancer

The Fanatics Affiliate Program  is proud to present another BCS Championships “Squares” football pool game to benefit Affiliate Marketers Give Back and their participation in the Avon Walk for the Cure – NYC Edition in 2012.

If you aren’t familiar with “Squares,”  it’s a fun party game that requires no knowledge of football, just a little luck. Here’s how it works:

The  organizer draws up a 10-by-10 grid. The grid’s length is designated for one team and the width for the other. For a price, players choose “squares” within the grid.

After the squares are filled, a number between zero and 9 is assigned to each row and column, giving each square holder a number for each team. If the number in the player’s square match the last digit in the score at the end of each quarter, that player wins.

For example, a player could draw the 7-3 square, 7 for the LSU Tigers and 3 for the Alabama Crimson Tide. If, at the end of the first quarter, the Tigers were ahead 17-3 the 7-3 square would be a winner. Smaller prizes are usually awarded to the winners of each quarter and a grand prize goes to the person whose square reflects the game’s final score.

Sound good? Here’s how to get started:

Click here to join the Fanatics/Affiliate Marketers Give Back ASW12 Pool

Once you have signed up for the squares you’d like to purchase, visit and make your donation in the name of one of the AMGB Team Walkers, then forward me the receipt and I’ll validate your picks. Cost is $25 per square with a limit of 3 squares per player. 100% of your donations will go to the Avon Breast Cancer Walk and you will receive a receipt from the charity.

Fanatics will be kicking in $500 in Fanatics Gift Cards for the players who have the winning squares at the end of the 1st quarter ($100), at half time ($100), at the end of the 3rd quarter ($100) and the final score ($200.)

The BCS Championship Game pitting the LSU Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide will be played on Monday night at Affiliate Summit starting at 5:30 PT. Once all squares are filled, numbers for the squares will be assigned at random and you will be notified by email of your selections. Winners will be notified by email the night of the game as well.

Let’s have some fun and raise some money for a great cause!

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