Francis’s Story

Francis Torres Devito
September 1954 to March 2001

Growing up Francis was a straight A student in Lexington School for the deaf in
Queens, NY. After graduating , getting married and having her son Steven Roy,Francis moved down to Florida. A few years later Francis was diagnosed with breast cancer let us know about it when she had to go to the hospital because she couldn't take the pain. The doctors told her that her cancer had metastasized also telling her she had only 6 mo. to live. Francis under went chemo and radiation and what was available at that time to try to overcome the cancer battle. Francis fought and was able to live 4 more years than what was diagnosed.

Anna Scroggins, " My cousin Francis and I were very close (tears) Francis had a
big heart and the sweetest disposition. Very kind, caring and had a lot of strength to go through what she went through and lived life to the very end."

Yvonne Matos, "One of the things about Francis, is she had a zest for life. The fact that she was deaf didn't stop her from being a model and going out dancing. No one ever thought she was deaf, but because she was able to feel the beat she would dance the night away!"

Priscilla Nunez, " Strong memories of Francis is even though she went through different types of chemo she would attend company events which involved music and dancing with me on an annual basis. I brought Francis with me in replacement of a date and we always had a blast. By the end of the night Francis would have at least two phone numbers given to her because she wouldn't give out hers to a man when he asked. Very hard to get (winks). Though Francis and I are second cousins because of our tight knit family our cousins grow up as brothers and sisters. I remember the night before Francis past she was in the hospital and I brought two of her favorite things: She LOVED the Sunflower, and she (as directed) was told to eat dried apricots (she learned to love the dried fruit). At the hospital Francis told me she felt her time was up and for me to know that she will be my guardian angel. The next evening Francis was in her home in pain with Hospice and she would not go to bed with out saying good night and I love you to her son Steven Roy. After being able to do so Francis was noticed a short time later with her hand in the " I love you" sign language position in peace. God granted her last request before silently taking her with him. Now, every time I see a Sunflower I am reminded of Francis's beauty, strength, individuality, love and hope to seek a cure for cancer."

In honor of her cousin, Francis Devito, the proceeds of any purchases made on the website during the month of November 2011 will be donated to Affiliate Marketers Give
Back 2012 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.