Join the Team in the 2010 Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Avon Walk Chicago 2009It’s with great pleasure to announce that Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back is officially registered for the Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

We’re now ready to take on additional walkers.

If you are interested in walking with us, here is information that you should know before you make your decision to join the team.

  • We’re walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so that women and men can get the medical care they need regardless of their ability to pay, and leading research teams can receive vital support in their ongoing search for a cure.
  • The 2010 Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is taking place on June 5-6.
  • This is a 2-day walk.  We walk 26.2 miles on Saturday and 13.1 miles on Sunday.  There are rest stops every couple of miles where you’ll be fed lots of yummy, healthy treats and lunch.
  • Avon requires each walker to raise a minimum of $1,800 in order to participate in the walk.  (We can provide you with various fundraising suggestions to help you hit your goal.)
  • You have the choice of spending Saturday night in the Avon-provided tents on the campgrounds which is included in the cost of registration, or you can stay in the event hotel, which is the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.  The Avon Walk Rate is $109 per night.
  • We typically do a Team dinner on the Friday night before the walk where you will be provided your team shirts and hats.
  • Once you register, you will be able to set up your personal fundraising page and you’ll have access to training guides that will help you get ready for the walk.

If you’re ready to have a great time with a bunch of affiliate marketers and do something great that can help save lives, please consider joining our team. We’d love to have you.

If you have any specific questions that you would like for me to answer ahead of time, please feel free to send me an email.

Lastly, if you can’t walk with us but would like to make a donation to our team, please visit We also have some limited sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you again for your support!

PS: If you need a little inspiration to push you over the edge, here is a great video with reasons why people walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: