Kelli Stevens’ G.I. Jane Challenge to #SaveTheBoobies

Kelli Stevens, Shawn Collins, Missy Ward During Affiliate Summit Pinnacle AwardsKelli Stevens from has issued a challenge on today… one that may make her lose her hair!

From her post on

Here’s the deal. If Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back is able to collect at least $75,000 this year, I will do a G.I. Jane.

Everyone remembers Demi Moore in the movie, right? I’m not talking about the one arm push-ups either (like that would or could ever happen). I’m talking about the electric clippers coming out for the buzz cut (there is a picture of me to the left, on the far left, receiving a Pinnacle Award from Shawn Collins and Missy). Maybe I’ll even have them shave the cancer awareness ribbon on the back of my head (I’m totally not sure if the gal who cuts my hair does that kind of thing). All for only $2k more than what AMGB raised last year, so it’s a totally doable number.”

If AMGB is able to raise $100k this year, I will take out all the stops, and the clippers and the razor will come out. Yep, I mean all of it off. Bald.

For all of those in the industry that she’s reported on in the past or has just been a royal pain in the butt for, here’s your chance for a bit of payback. 🙂

Although, I don’t know if I want to see any one of my friends lose their locks, I support Kelli in her moment of craziness!

Please consider donating to the team at and help us beat last year’s record!

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