Meet Team AMGB Walker: Adam Riemer

Adam ReimerAdam Riemer is currently the president of Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. ( as well as the VP of Marketing for He has been in Marketing for over a decade and is excited to be a part of team Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

This is my second walk with the team. The first one in Seattle was an amazing experience. I got to meet a couple of new people and also spend three days walking and bonding with some of my favorite people from the Affiliate industry.

My Aunt had cancer when I was in college and it was horrible to watch her go through chemo and have her cancer treated. She was lucky and is now a survivor. Being a part of the walk and raising a lot of money helps me to know that we are raising awareness for a good cause and helping other people make it through treatment and become survivors. Training for the walk has become something that I love doing as well, instead of something that I feel like I have to do.

Walking for hours at a time seemed like something I was going to hate, until I realized I could take advantage of the city I live in. Because I live in Washington DC, there are a ton of free tourist attractions and amazing things to see. Each week I do 2 or 3 walks and make sure that I set goals for each of them. Two weeks ago I went through all of the monuments at the mall and took pictures to share online via twitter and facebook. That same week I also did capitol hill and Eastern Market and shared pictures of some of the historical buildings in the NE section of the city. This week I decided to do the zoo, since it is opened to the public and gave me a great opportunity to stop and walk then stop again, like you do when you’re in a city.

The breast cancer walk is not only something that is rewarding to finish, but training for it has helped me to learn a lot about the country I live in and to get to see more of the city that I live in.

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