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Making Great Strides

I realized this morning, I leave two weeks from today to embark on a journey I am sure to remember the rest of my life.

Earlier this month many of us attended Affiliate Summit in Boston. We met each other, many of us, for the first time.

This is a few of us… Including my husband, who won’t be walking but proudly wears boob shirts.

While attending the event we sold fabulous buttons that said “I Gave back” for $10 each. We only spent a single day selling, but came away with just over $1600.00. More importantly we came away having met so many more that shared stories and heart felt compation for the cause. It was truly a great exeperience, and I imagine just a small taste of what lies ahead.

So now that I am in “the walk is almost here” mode, I, along with the rest of the team are starting to pick up last minute necessities. We’re finalizing our registration processes, wrapping up our travel plans and trying to mentally prepare for this big adventure.

I’m excited! I have no idea, really, of what awaits — but it’s a challenge I am looking forward to – because it’s a path to a change I want to be a part of!

It’s not too late, if you’d like to help support our team and the fight for breast cancer, please make a donation and share the joy!

Cafepress Donates Our BCA buttons!

A big thanks to CafePress.com for generously supplying our team with buttons we will be selling at Affiliate Summit Boston.

affiliate marketers give back fundraiser buttons

Aren’t they just darn fabulous? I know you want one… and lucky you, you can get one for your own right now! For $10.00 you can purchase a specialty¬† “I Gave back” button and also get entered in our raffle (prize list available soon). You’ll be helping raise money for Breast Cancer research, awareness and recovery programs as well team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide fundraising efforts. Show your support and help this great cause.

How to get a button:

You’ll find these buttons at our team table Sunday, August 10th at the Boston AS meet market. Just look for the pretty lil’ pink ribbon banner and a bunch of smiley faces.

You can also purchase a button in our online store now until August 9th. Save your order number, you need this to be entered into the raffle!

So come on already.. grab a button and show your support!

Hurry, these won’t be available forever.