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The Walk is Over!

60 Miles Walked, 28 Team Blisters, 1 Fractured Foot….

Raising $47,000+ for Breast Cancer Research — Priceless!

The 2008 Breast Cancer 3-day is over and Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide can take a well-deserved break.

Day 2 proved to be the most difficult with hills galore — that should have been avoided.  (Note to Breast Cancer 3-day planners!)

Somewhere around mile 30, I was tweeting my remarks when I stepped off a curb the wrong way.  Little did I know that at that point, I fractured my foot.  

While it hurt like a bitch, I honestly thought it was a simple sprain or muscle pull, so I kept on trucking.

Morning 3, my foot was swollen and painful, so I went to the Medical Tent and had it examined.  Because there is no x-ray equipment on site, the medical attendant couldn’t be positive that it was fractured.  With that in mind, and because I was determined to finish the remaining 20 miles, I asked him to wrap it up and do the best he could to keep me going.

I walked the remaining miles, loaded up on ibuprophen with one goal in mind — to cross the finish line with the rest of my team.

And that’s what I did.   Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide waited for each other at the finish line and together we crossed it — it was joyous.

Below are all of the pictures of the walk.  There are more pictures and videos to come as team members catch up with their lives to get them all posted.

Game On! 

Thank you again for all of your support!


Missy Ward

Making Great Strides

I realized this morning, I leave two weeks from today to embark on a journey I am sure to remember the rest of my life.

Earlier this month many of us attended Affiliate Summit in Boston. We met each other, many of us, for the first time.

This is a few of us… Including my husband, who won’t be walking but proudly wears boob shirts.

While attending the event we sold fabulous buttons that said “I Gave back” for $10 each. We only spent a single day selling, but came away with just over $1600.00. More importantly we came away having met so many more that shared stories and heart felt compation for the cause. It was truly a great exeperience, and I imagine just a small taste of what lies ahead.

So now that I am in “the walk is almost here” mode, I, along with the rest of the team are starting to pick up last minute necessities. We’re finalizing our registration processes, wrapping up our travel plans and trying to mentally prepare for this big adventure.

I’m excited! I have no idea, really, of what awaits — but it’s a challenge I am looking forward to – because it’s a path to a change I want to be a part of!

It’s not too late, if you’d like to help support our team and the fight for breast cancer, please make a donation and share the joy!

Dress Missy Up for Charity

First, I’d like to personally thank everyone that stopped by the AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com table at the Meet Market in Boston to pick up their “I Gave Back” button and raffle ticket.

I don’t have a final total of what we raised because many of us sold buttons over the course of the 3 days and donations are still coming in. However, I think we will wind up around $1,500 or so! These donations will be divided up amongst the team members fund raising accounts, who staffed the table during the Meet Market.

I’d like to also thank all the folks who let me “persuade” them into purchasing more than one button and raffle ticket because “I didn’t have change” 😉

The generosity of the Affiliate Marketing community has been overwhelming. We’re well on our way to our $45,000 goal. Once these donations are applied to our fundraising account, we’ll likely be close to $32,000!

That being said, we still have hurdle to jump in order to hit our target.

This Friday (August 22nd), our Team Shirts will be ordered. There is room for four additional sponsors and we’d love to add you! The cost to have your logo placed on our team’s shirts and on the AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com website is $1,000.

Team Shirt

Donations can be made in any of your favorite walker’s names here: www.60-milewalk.com. We’ll be wearing the shirts during the event and will be taking lots of photos and videos that will be placed on the AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com site.

Lastly, as many of you know, when it comes to raising money for Breast Cancer Research, I’ll do just about anything for donations.

In the spirit of that, I would be honored to wear any company’s sticker, button, fairy wings, dunce cap, clown nose or whatever it is you’d want me to wear, for 1 day during the walk for a $250.00 donation in my name at http://www.Missys60MileWalk.com

The only thing that I ask, is that it is something that doesn’t prevent me from walking 20 miles that particular day or cover up my team shirt.

So have some fun at my expense — it’s for a good cause. And, I assure you, I will not hold it against you 😉

Thanks for everything!

The Winners Are…

Thank you to everyone that supported our cause at the Meet Market yesterday. We appreciate your support and the day was a success.

The winners are…

222106 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222087 – Ice Wine – 2004 Saw Mill Creek from GayWeddingGear.com
Bin 88, Ice Wine, a Vidal from the Niagara Peninsula in Canada
222002 – 1 hour of consulting from Shawn Collins Consulting
222024 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222026 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222130 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222093 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222053 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222119 – Video Spokes Model
222061 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222051 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222077 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222013 – $60.00 Gift Certificates from LoxlyGallery.com
222088 – 25 cases of Jones Soda
222007 – 1 Free full conference pass to Affiliate Summit Vegas 2009
222016 – FREE Checks for a year from 4checks.com
Winner receives free checks from any of the brands featured on 4checks.com for one year, up to 6 boxes.
222054 – One of a kind Sterling Silver Unisex Necklace from Tiffany Spaulding Designs, valued at $200.00
222046 – 1 Month ad placement from Revenews

222059 – An original hand made Pink Ribbon Penguin and $50 gift certificate from JGoode Designs
222068 – A Build Your Business Package from GigglePrint.comWinner receives one order of business cards, letterhead w/ envelopes, postcards and an endorsement stamp.
222078 – 1 hour of phone consulting $300/hr value from Paulson Management Group.
222062 – A Ribbon Of Hope Checks & Accessories Package
Winner receives 2 boxes of checks, one set of address labels and one leather checkbook cover in our Ribbon of Hope design
222133 – One iPod Nano and an iTunes gift card from Lisa Riolo

Please get in contact with Missy Ward to claim your prize.

Thanks again!