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Team AMGB’s BoobySitters Are Ready for Boston

This is an interesting year for AffiliateMarketersGiveBack with TWO walks taking place this year — Boston in May and New York in October.

I’m heading up the Boston Walk and Shawn Collins is the Captain of the New York Walk.

With less than 3 weeks until the Boston Walk, our team shirts have been ordered and we are super-busy training for the 40-mile walk and fundraising.

2014 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Boston Avon Walk - Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Meet Team AMGB’s BoobySitters for the 2014 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Boston

This year, I’m fortunate to have three Affiliate Marketers Give Back veterans walking with me (Danielle Raybuck, Liz Fogg and Adam Riemer) and a first-timer (Lauren DeMarco).

You can see their lovely faces below along with their respective donation links.

Hopefully Lauren will forgive me after the walk, like the others have!

Together, we’ll be taking on Boston’s charming streets and all everything it has to offer as we walk a total of 1-1/2 Marathons (26.2 miles on Saturday, and 13.1 miles on Sunday) so that women and men can get the medical care they need regardless of their ability to pay, and leading research teams can receive vital support in their ongoing search for a cure.

As of now, our team has raised nearly $40,0000 for our walk and we’re still going!

The money we raise will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade to help provide access to care for those who most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures.

Here’s How You Can Help

We’re out here doing what we can promote breast cancer awareness and help raise money to eradicate it. We’d love your help.

Step 1: Check yourself out. Remind your loved-ones too. Remembering to keep an appointment for an annual mammogram can literally save your life! So please talk to your doctor today about scheduling a mammogram, make a note on your calendar about the appointment date, and sign up to receive an annual email reminder from Mammography Saves Lives. [This may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.]

Step 2: Please help us out with a donation. Any amount helps. If you’re looking for a meaningful denomination, $39.30 is a great amount as it represents $1.00 for each mile we will walk.

You can either donate to my fundraising account at IWalkForBoobies.com or to any of my fellow teammates below. We’d really appreciate it!

My Fellow Boston Team Members

Lauren DeMarco
Lauren DeMarcoStephen James Associates
Donate to Lauren

Liz Fogg
Liz FoggMy Bling Place
Donate to Liz

Danielle Raybuck
Danielle Raybuck,WebResponse Media
Donate to Danielle

Adam Riemer
Adam RiemerAdam Riemer Marketing
Donate to Adam

Affiliate Summit Donates $20,329 to Fight Breast Cancer

Affiliate Summit, the premier affiliate marketing conference, has donated over $20,000 to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in conjunction with their upcoming show, Affiliate Summit East 2012, taking place August 12-14, 2012.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 03, 2012

“The Race to Affiliate Summit East 2012, an exercise challenge where Affiliate Summit committed to donating $1 to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in support of the Affiliate Marketers Give Back team for each mile in the challenge, has completed.Affiliate Summit Logo

Participants cycled, run, swam, and walked to add up miles for the charity competition.

There were 61 folks involved in the challenge, and the top ten competitors accumulated 13,022 miles.

Overall, there were 20,329 miles tallied by all of the participants, so the total donation was $20,329.    Read More…..

This was the 5th Race to Affiliate Summit and through this effort alone, Affiliate Summit has donated a total of $40,329.00!

On behalf of Shawn Collins and myself, Co-Founders of Affiliate Summit, I’d like to thank all of the folks that walked, swam, ran and cycled their way through the Affiliate Summit Races.

It’s wonderful to know that we have the support of the affiliate marketing community.

Silent Auction: Missy Ward Will Let You Brand Her Boobies During BlogWorld

This auction is now over. The winner is Tatto Media with a bid of $4,250.00!

Missy Ward ImageMissy Ward Will Let You Brand Her Boobies during BlogWorld

Donated by Missy Ward


Missy Ward is the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront Magazine, GeekCast.fm, and more. She is also the founder of Affiliate Marketers Give Back and an active fundraiser for charities that support research and treatment to put and end to breast cancer.

Missy speaks at a number of marketing conferences throughout the year and wants to spread the word about your brand.

This auction is for Missy to wear your branded shirt (t-shirt, tank top, tuxedo shirt, whatever you want) during BlogWorld in Las Vegas (October 15-17).  (She will be speaking on a panel and manning the Affiliate Summit booth during BlogWorld.)

Additionally, Missy will also run your 125×125 banner for 30 days on MissyWard.com and mention your company as the winner on her podcasts, TheSpew.fm and BigMouthStrikesAgain.fm.

Winner must provide Missy with 3 shirts to wear during the conference.

Missy is not shy, so not only will folks walking around these two conferences notice your brand, but she will gladly hop in every picture or video that she can, sporting your shirt.

This is an excellent branding opportunity for merchants, affiliate networks, CPA networks, OPM’s, affiliates or anyone else that wants to get their brand out there.. or just make Missy look weird.

Retail value: Beyond Comprehension

To bid on this item, please supply your name and bid amount in the comment section below. Please be sure to use a valid email address so that we may contact you if you are the winner. Auction ends at 11:59pm EST on Friday, August 28, 2009.

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Get Ready for the Not So Silent, Silent Auction!

I have some fantastic news… and some not so fantastic news that I’m hoping to fix!

The Fantastic News!

In today’s mail I received my Champion Fundraiser Hat for being one of the Top 10 fund raisers for the upcoming Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Los Angeles next month.

Additionally, Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back has edged our way up to being one of the Top 10 Team fund raisers for the walk, as we’ve raised a little over $21k so far… and we’re not through yet!

The Not So Fantastic News

When folks sign up to do the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, they agree to raise a minimum of $1,800 in order to actually participate in the walk. So while our team is doing great, we do have a few walkers that need some help hitting their minimum goal.

We’ve trained hard for the walk and have worked out butts off fundraising, so the last thing I’d want is to not have a team mate be able to walk with us.

With this weighing heavy on my mind, I’ve come up with plan to help them out with hitting their goal and I’m crossing my fingers that it will work!

The Opportunity

Affiliate Marketers Give Back will be holding what we’re calling the “Not So Silent, Silent Auction”, which will begin next week on http://www.AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com.

We are asking individuals and companies to please help us by considering a donation of an item or services for us to auction off on the website, so that we can help get all of our team over the finish line.

Donated items will be listed on the website (along with information on the donor and a link back to their website) and folks can bid for the items by providing their name and bid amount in the comment section of the post. Winners will be announced after the auction ends and will also receive a link back to their website.

How You Can Donate an Item

If you would like to donate an item or your services, please send me an email containing the item or service description, estimated value and any images that you might like to include.

Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back has never left a team mate behind, and we don’t want to start now. So please help us out if you can by donating an item to the auction. It’s a great way to get your name and services out in front of the masses and a great way to help raise money to fight breast cancer.

Thank you for your support.