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Walking Technique Demonstration by Laura

Today Laura developed a winning technique for making it down long hills while on our 2nd day of the 3 day breast caner walk in Seattle. I took a video of it… while I was walking, so watch through the bouncing and you’ll see (sorry). She is quite joyful and bouncy herself. It’s a brillant step! Although the video calls it something else, I like to call this the fairy jog.

(watch it a few times and the bouncy camera will pass ~wink)

Angel is the entertained bystander you hear in the background. Missy did a little participation later in the day – I wasn’t able to grab a video of that this time.

Seattle 3 day my first walk 1st day summary

Today was my very first ever experience at a breast cancer walk and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. The amount of joy and happiness and love throughout the entire day made the blisters so worth it! I’ve shared a little insight into my experience here…

I’m not a morning person, but the day started out with so much pure joy, we couldn’t help to be delighted to be awake and surrounded by so many pink covered people. We stopped every few miles for snacks or potty breaks or toe bandaids. We walked and talked with total strangers. Shared many stories with eachother and all in all had a great beginning to this weekend’s journey.

I’m glad I’m here.

Our shirts are in and it’s almost time to walk

Our sponsorship shirts are now here and fabulous! This is me, Jen Goode, showing off our new stylish pink ribbon garb.

Again, thank you to Zazzle for providing these shirts, they turned out just beautifully! And thank you to all of our generous sponsors for supporting our team and helping to make this happen for us – you’re awesome!

Our walk is this Friday, September 12-14.  Most of us will be arriving in Seattle on Thursday with bells on… or at least our cute pink shirts. I’m a little nervouse about the early mornings – but I’m excited for the event and looking forward to this fabulous experience. I imagine we’ll be walking in a sea of pink ribbon happiness – I can hardly wait!

Hopefully we’ll be able to share some photos and videos along the way. My camera batteries are charging right now!