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Touring Seattle Pre-Walk

I’ve been to Seattle about 9 times in my life, but this time I got to play tourist. The weather has been phenomenal — sunny and in the 70’s — not a drop of rain. I left the hotel early and headed out with my mother-in-law, Irene and sister-in-law, Tiffany who are also part of the team and we hit downtown Seattle. We hopped on one of those double-decker bus tours which are great, if you have a little time to see a lot.

I finally got to see the top of the Space Needle and check out Pike’s Place Market. The fish were flying! We also stopped for a butterfish (sable fish/black code) lunch at Ray’s Boathouse which was amazing. I highly recommend this restaurant as a must-eat for lunch or dinner.

Coincidentally, several of the Ray’s employees are also going to be walking in the 3-day tomorrow and they were nice enough to buy us a glass of wine. They seem like a hoot, so I’m looking forward to seeing them on the walk. We also checked out a display of Chihuly glass pieces which were absolutely beautiful.

Well, it’s a little after 9:00pm now and I’m about ready to hit the sack. We’re up at 4:00am tomorrow to begin the 3-day walk. I think the rest of the team has already called it a night as well.

While I personally don’t mind walking the 60-miles, getting up at 4:00am is not for me!

Below are some pictures of today.

Until tomorrow,


Space Needle Reflection in a Seattle Building

Missy lands in Seattle for the Breast Cancer 3-day

I just got into Seattle and the weather is gorgeous!  Crisp and sunny — a far cry from the super-hot sticky weather of Orlando.  Supposedly it’s going to stay like this for the next few days while we make our way over 60-miles.   The Redmond Inn is fantastic and has all the benefits of home, including my fabulous Keurig Coffee Machine.    I’m waiting on the rest of my team to get here tomorrow.  I came in a day earlier because I’m still chicken to fly on September 11th.  Can’t wait until Friday to get the walk started!

Our shirts are in and it’s almost time to walk

Our sponsorship shirts are now here and fabulous! This is me, Jen Goode, showing off our new stylish pink ribbon garb.

Again, thank you to Zazzle for providing these shirts, they turned out just beautifully! And thank you to all of our generous sponsors for supporting our team and helping to make this happen for us – you’re awesome!

Our walk is this Friday, September 12-14.  Most of us will be arriving in Seattle on Thursday with bells on… or at least our cute pink shirts. I’m a little nervouse about the early mornings – but I’m excited for the event and looking forward to this fabulous experience. I imagine we’ll be walking in a sea of pink ribbon happiness – I can hardly wait!

Hopefully we’ll be able to share some photos and videos along the way. My camera batteries are charging right now!

Is Seattle in Da House?????

Hey Seattle-ites,

Got some free time this weekend?

Come cheer on Team Affiliate Marketer’s Worldwide as they make their way 60-miles through the streets of Seattle during the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day.

We’ve raised over $45,000 for this great cause but now comes the hard part — actually having to walk ;-p

There are some Cheering Stations set up at various spots along the 60-mile walk which I’ve detailed below.  Seeing some familiar faces will definitely give us that extra burst of energy we will surely need.

Let me know if you can make any of the Cheering Stations and I’ll keep you posted via Twitter ( as to what time to expect us.

Can’t make a Cheering Station — don’t worry. Shoot us off a tweet or follow us along on the site as I’ll be posting pictures and videos along the way.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Friday, September 12:

9:00 am – 1:00 pm
First Baptist Church and Pilgrim Lutheran Church parking lots
10431 SE 11th St. and 10420 SE 11th St.
(Parking is also available at Church of Christ off of SE 11th St.)
Bellevue, WA 98004

10:00 am – 2:00 pm
McCormick Park
NE 12th St. between 106th Pl NE and 112th Ave. NE
(Parking is available across the street and in nearby neighborhood)
Bellevue, WA 98004

Saturday, September 13th:

8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Spectralux Corporation
12335 – 134th Court NE
Redmond, WA 98052

11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Ben Franklin Elementary
12434 NE 60th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

Sunday, September 14:

8:00 am – 11:00 am
Green Lake Park
7201 E Green Lake Dr. N
Seattle, WA 98115

Closing Ceremonies

Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center
401 5th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Hope to see you!


Missy Ward
Affiliate Summit, Inc.