Support the Team – Pop up a Banner! banners, avatars and other graphics are now available. Support the team by adding a banner to your website or blog or an avatar to your Twitter account!

View and Download Here!

A big “thank you” to Jen Goode of for the design of all of the graphics!

Visit and click on your favorite walker to make your donation!

7 responses to “Support the Team – Pop up a Banner!

  1. Missy,

    Where do you want the banners to land … or AMGB? They are live on ABW now.

  2. Haiko — you rock! They can land directly on AMGB. There are locations on that site that denote where folks can make their donations. I can’t thank you enough for doing that! I actually may have posted on ABW right around the same time. Hopefully that won’t confuse anyone.

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  6. Adding it to blogs and cool places as I edit my sites tonight:) Awesome job on the graphics

  7. Go Team Go!

    I’m so grateful you all are participating and supporting this amazing cause. I can’t make it this year, but I will be training from home as if I were. Who knows, maybe 2009 will be the year I will be able to walk along with you all.

    I can’t wait for my pink t-shirt to arrive. I’ll be with you all in spirit!

    – Kim