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2008 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day

The morning started off at 4:00am for Team Affiliate Marketers Worldwide. We hopped on the bus at 5:00am and headed over to Opening Cereremonies.

This part was truly inspirational. Watching all of the survivors get together brought tears to our eyes and motivated us to get out there and start walking.

Seattle proved to be a much harder walk than Minnesota last year. There were so many more hills here that many of the team members were not prepared for. But we kept on truckin’.

We got back to camp about 9-1/2 hours, 2,687 calories and 21.5 miles later. Little did we know that we had another 1-1/2 mile walk back to the hotel.

We all had grand plans to go out to the Karaoke Bar for dinner. That however, turned into a quick stop at Whole Foods for beer, wine, crackers and cheese. We wound up ordering disgusting food from the hotel restaurant and got together on the floor of the hotel lobby.

Tomorrow is another early morning for us. That’s ok though. We’re having a great time, despite our constant complaining. We all have one goal in mind and that’s to get this last 40 miles down and go out for a great dinner on Sunday night.

Here are some pictures from today: